New Strategic Plan Framework

Posted by William Benson on 8/24/2021

The ABSS Board of Education formally approved (unanimously) our new strategic plan framework at last night's meeting, including a very student-centered vision (where we want to be) and mission (what we do every day to get there) as well as four core values that should underpin all we do as a school system.


Vision: Each Alamance-Burlington School System student is prepared for their future in an inclusive, supportive learning community.


Mission: Engage and empower each student to learn and become knowledgeable, responsible community members.


Core Values

Equity: We ensure excellence for all.

Community: We work together in a safe, nurturing environment where everyone is valued and supported in every respect.

Integrity: We are transparent and honest in all we do.

Excellence: We cultivate and challenge each individual to excel through a variety of opportunities and experiences.


Much more to come as we work to operationize this effort!