10/24/18 Smith Elementary's 50th Birthday Celebration

Smith Elementary's 50th Birthday Celebration
By Jessica Williams, The Times-News 10/24/18    
Reprinted with permission.      

Smith Elementary School has been celebrating its 50th birthday. During the first week of October, morning announcements included activities like counting to 50 in Spanish, and 50 seconds of movement. The school also held a spirit day Oct. 5, when students performed songs and dances from each decade beginning with the 1960s. Then, on Sunday, Oct. 7, the school held a community celebration. Five past principals returned to share stories about their time leading Smith, as well as the school’s first secretary, Ellen Huffman, and the first assistant principal, Richard Clifford.

The media center was open and filled with archives, and each hallway featured student artwork of each principal, a timeline of the school, and 50 facts about the school. To top it all off, students filled and helped bury a time capsule so kids attending Smith in 2068 can see what life was like in 2018.