Honors Art assignments

Honors Art requirements: Art Proficient and Advanced Levels  (Includes Independent Study)         *Very high standards on artwork with no wasted class time. *Very high standards for behavior. Misbehavior or wasting time in class will be dealt with severely and lower your grades! *A positive attitude and willingness to keep working until your best is achieved.  *Critique written for each artwork, all saved in a folder. *Deadlines followed and assignments finished and turned in when due or shortly thereafter. *Artist journal book of art, 2 pages per week, 1 hour minimum of homework per week. 1st 9 weeks: *Project in an artist’s technique/style and a 300 word biography on that artist and his/her style, with sources cited. Due: March. 18.  5 points off each day it is late. 2nd 9 weeks: *Museum or gallery visit with 2 papers written on an artist whose work you saw there: 1: biography of the artist with sources cited, a minimum of 300 words, 2: A critique of the same artist and his/her style. You must see me before you go to get approval and for a handout with more specific directions for assignments. Proof of the visit with a date from this semester on it is required. Due: May. 28. *5 points off from each paper grade each day it is late. You have the whole semester to do this! *Participation in required competitions and exhibits, minimum of 2. * Senior students are required to hang their art at the Senior Art Show at Mebane Arts Center, attend the reception on May 21 from 6:00-8:00 , and take art down. Dress clothes required! In agreement with the Honors course requirements as determined by Alamance Burlington School System, by signing below I agree to fulfill all requirements as listed in the time frame specified. I understand that failure to complete these requirements will severely impact my grade for this class and I would not be recommended for further Honors Art levels.