1/17/19 ABSS has fix for grading issue

ABSS has fix for grading issue
Incorrect grades attributed to statewide rounding error
By Jessica Williams, The Times-News 1/17/19    
Reprinted with permission.      

An Alamance-Burlington Schools Central Office employee has produced a way to fix a statewide grading issue.

Julie Cozort, director of data integration and student information for ABSS, learned grades weren’t matching what was reported in PowerSchool, the school system’s information portal for students and parents to track things like grades and attendance. Cozort originally thought it was an error with Power-School. When she attempted to troubleshoot it, she discovered the mismatched grades were the result of a statewide rounding error within teacher gradebook software.

ABSS reported the error to the state, and it was confirmed that other school districts were having the same problem.

The N.C. Department of Public Instruction didn’t get back to administrators with a solution until near the end of the first semester. By that time, Cozort had found a way to correct the error without troubling teachers in the middle of exam week.

“We’ve had several districts reach out to us to say, ‘Can you give us direction on how you did this with minimal stress to the schools?’” Chief Secondary Officer Revonda Johnson said Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Luckily for ABSS, the error occurred before report cards for traditional students were scheduled to go out Jan. 25. Report cards for the Alamance-Burlington Early College at ACC and year-round schools were delayed but will be sent out soon.

The rounding error affected only grades three to 12, and only certain classes.

Once report cards are released, some students’ first-quarter grades might change slightly — one- or two-tenths of a point — but it wouldn’t be significant enough to change a class grade from an A to a C or a C to a B. (Sorry, kids.)

Now that the error has been corrected, it will not affect next semester’s grades.