4/16/19 Graham students help redesign town

Graham students help redesign town
By Jessica Williams, The Times-News 4/16/19    
Reprinted with permission.
Graham Middle School has formed a Student Advisory Council to give students a role in leading the school. So far, the council has tackled issues like attendance, school and district policies, dress code, student leadership and how the recent ICE raids in the area have affected the Graham community. In November, the SAC held a professional development session for teachers based on “Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management.” And in February, the students were invited to Graham’s City Hall, where they talked about what makes downtown a destination people want to visit. They’re currently working with Toole Design Group to help plan the future of downtown Graham, offering input on how areas like Court Square can be redesigned for a new generation.

“This was an incredible experience for students as they have been able to connect what they’ve learned in class and through their work in the Student Advisory Council with relevant, real-world experiences,” said Student Advisory Council leader Dayson Pasión.