5/29/19 In the Navy, yes, you can sail the seven seas

In the Navy, yes, you can sail the seven seas
By Jessica Williams, The Times-News 5/29/19    
Reprinted with permission.
Western Alamance High School Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps students experienced life in the Navy on a three-day visit to Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia. The 29 cadets and their chaperones stayed in the Sea Cadets Barracks and ate at the dining facilities for the duration of their stay. The trip also included tours of aircraft, question and answer sessions with sailors and special forces, and a guided tour of the flight deck and bridge of the USS Harry S. Truman.

“In the end, the cadets got the chance to experience a glimpse of the many career opportunities available to them in the Navy as well as learn about military life to help make an informed decision on their future after high school,” ROTC Instructor Dirk Butler said.