6/16/19 Teacher ends 40 years with ABSS

Teacher ends 40 years with ABSS
By Perla Salazar, The Times-News 6/16/19     
Reprinted with permission.

Lynetta Burton is a “class act, dedicated and selfless,” Pleasant Grove Elementary School Principal Scott Lewis says.  

Perla Salazar / Times-News

Lynetta Burton is a “class act, dedicated and selfless,” Pleasant Grove Elementary School Principal Scott Lewis says.


With the end of the school year came the end of a large chapter of Lynetta Burton’s life. She decided it was time to retire after more than four decades of service with the Alamance-Burlington School System.

“Class act, dedicated and selfless” are the words Pleasant Grove Elementary School Principal Scott Lewis used to describe the educator. “She has been a friend and a mentor. Pleasant Grove will miss her and her legacy, but I am blessed to say that her example will be left behind for years to come.”

Burton said that she once looked forward to retiring, but she kept being pulled back into doing what she loved, and the years passed by.

“It was really when I started teaching the children of kids I once taught many years ago that I knew it was time to retire,” Burton said.

Burton has spent a majority of her life at Pleasant Grove Elementary, and she said it was rewarding being able to teach families, as she would often have sibling after sibling in her classes.

“I enjoy going to work for the children,” Burton said. “I want to educate them, and I want them to become the best citizens they can be and have them ready to face the world.”

The impact on the children and the community was made apparent when the school dedicated a Little Free Library at the school in her name.

“It was a total surprise,” Burton said. “I am glad that my passion for reading and literature, and the overall literacy for the children was acknowledged.”

Burton has spent the last few years of her career as an academic coach, in which she mentors and guides teachers at the school. She suggests ways to improve instruction in the classroom and ensures that they have the resources the children need to succeed.

“She models what an educator should be,” Lewis said. “Teachers valued her feedback because she was an exceptional leader. She is the single best educator I have ever worked with.”

For Burton, being able to coach these teachers was the most rewarding experience of her career.

“I get to watch teachers grow,” she said. “I get to watch them become professionals.”

Along with the growth of teachers is the growth of the students she has taught. Former students often pay her visits to thank her for being a positive force in their life, as she notes a few of them becoming principals, assistant principals, dentists and so on in the area.

Students at the school begged her not to go, but she said it was time. She is looking forward to resting and relaxing.

“I will miss the children, their smiles and hugs,” Burton said. “I will also miss my colleagues. I was here for all of them, and I plan to visit and be a substitute teacher every now and then. This community is my family.”