6/30/19 Data manager ends 40 years with ABSS

Data manager ends 40 years with ABSS
By Oliver Fischer, The Times-News 6/30/19     
Reprinted with permission.

Leaving after four decades will involve more than just a few goodbyes for Reva Herbin.   

Oliver Fischer / Times-News

Leaving after four decades will involve more than just a few goodbyes for Reva Herbin.


Reva Herbin came to Jordan Elementary School as a teacher’s assistant in 1978. Forty years and four months later, she retired as a data manager.

“We were all a little bit surprised because she has kind of become an institution here, and so I don’t think that we ever really thought that we can imagine a day without her being here,” Principal Terri Drummond said.

Herbin contemplated retirement a few years back, but between the death of her husband last year and turning 64 this year, she felt it was appropriate to step back now. “I just decided it was the right time,” Herbin said. “When you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.”

Although she began as a teacher’s assistant at Jordan, she became a state employee a year later and also worked as a cashier before becoming a data manager. She remained in that position for the past 20 years.

“A long time ago when I first started, you were doing attendance by hand. When computers came out, they just started doing all of t hat on the computer, and a job just became available, and I applied, and that’s how I got it,” Herbin said.

Being a data manager meant more than just collecting data or learning about computers for Herbin.

She also had a chance to get to know the children and greet people.

“I don’t just stay in my office,” Herbin said.

“I get to meet a lot of people, like parents, and I get to talk to the kids. It’s just enjoyable.”

In addition to being a friendly face for the school, Herbin also helped welcome Drummond when she became principal seven years ago.

“Knowing the community, she knew the families, and she knew the children, and she provided a great and friendly face when they came in the door,” Drummond said.

“She helped me to really get acclimated to the building and understand the culture of the community.”

Having spent the majority of her life at the school means that leaving after four decades will involve more than just a few goodbyes for Herbin.

“Of course I’ll miss the children. They were a joy,” she said.

“And I’ll miss the people that I became very, very close to.

“For instance the secretary and I have been working together the same amount of years, 40 years. That’s a little disheartening, but we’ll still see each other.”

With her newfound free time, Herbin said, she plans to travel.

“I have family that lives in different states,” Herbin said.

She wants to visit them at some point. But before she does that, Herbin said, she first wants to take care of matters that are closer to home.

“I want to clean my house,” she said.

“You know how you don’t get to clean closets out, and I’m like an organization person, so I’ll probably do that.”

Herbin also wants to improve her health by exercising and just relaxing.

“I don’t plan on going back to work,” Herbin said.

“I hope I don’t have to, but you never know.”