Questions about getting started in our class


The first 9 weeks of school will be online. You will need a laptop. If you need to, you can pick one up at your home school. Just call them first so they can have it ready.

   All CTEC teachers will be using "Canvas" as their virtual classroom this year. (At least for the first 9 weeks)  In fact, all ABSS high school teachers and students will be using Canvas. There will also be live sessions via "ZOOM".  Within the next few days you will be receiving notifications and invitations to join the canvas platform. From there you will see classes, teachers, syllabi, announcements, tutorials, introductions and assignments.

   We will also have daily "Zoom" sessions. Zoom will also be used to take attendance. You will be receiving a passcode to enter the virtual classroom. Almost all of the work we will be doing will be in the form of online instructions and video tutorials. You will be able to view instructions, download what you need, work on the assignments, ask questions and electronically submit work. That work will then be graded, given feedback, and posted in "Gradebook". So "Canvas" will be our instructional platform and "Zoom" will be the tool we use to interact live with one another.

Please see the link for Canvas users. There is also a link to directions for parents to access Canvas. When a parent creates a Canvas account, they will have access to all materials, announcements and assignments for the class.

Thank you for your patience in this crazy time! If you have other questions for me please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Christopher Griggs.