Burlington Women's Club Scholarship

One $1000 scholarships to ABSS senior planning to attend a 4-year college/university. 

Deadline March 20, 2021, but complete application packet MUST be given to Ms. Bader or your high school counselor BEFORE March 20th because that is the date the counselors must send the applications in.

Application Info:

  1. Academics-top 25% of class according to current transcript
  2. Recommendations from two teachers
  3. Essay (one page maximum) to include personal goals and ambitions  
  4. Vita of extracurricular activities, including church, school and community
  5. Brief statement of financial need; other scholarships applied for and /or received
  6. Signed copy (by parent and student) of submitted FAFSA (Student Aid Report) SAR
  7. Copy of SAT/ACT score report
  8. Acceptance letter from a four-year college or university.
BWC Scholarship 2021.docx, 17.67 KB; (Last Modified on January 26, 2021)