I just wanted to welcome everyone back to a new school year. I'm looking forward to seeing my previous students and meeting my new ones. We have a new curriculum this year and Western Alamance will now be offering four automotive classes; Automotive Service Fundamentals; Automotive Service 1; Automotive Service 2; Automotive Service 3. These courses have to be taken in the following order:
IT11 - Automotive Service Fundamentals: First year class
IT16 - Automotive Service 1: Second year class
IT17 - Automotive Service 2: Third year class
IT18 -Automotive Service 3: Fourth year class 
We use an on-line program called CDX to perform all of our assignments, task, and performance standards. There are times when a student needs to log into CDX while away from school to either catch up on assignments due to absences, or maybe they just want to do a little extra studying before a test. the following is the correct web address to get into CDX:
You will need your username and password to enter CDX.
ABSS will be using Canvas as well this year. Students can information about each class he or she is taken throughCanvas such as assignments, grades, instructions, etc.
Parents, would you like to be an observer in your child's Canvas program. Click on this PDF to see how. Observer

The following papers must read by student and parent, signed by student and parent, and returned to me by August 21, 2020. They can be submitted through Canvas.

Safety Pledge

Student Info Sheet

Syllabus_Intro to Automotive Service