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Cap & Gown

Don't wait, order now! The closer to graduation, the more it will cost.
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Cap & Gown Photos

Cap & Gown Photos w/Strawbridge are on April 26th (schedule tbd) in M118. We will provide a link to schedule and order prints as we get closer to the date.

Graduation Information

Date: Saturday, June 8th, at 4:00pm.

Location: The Novant Fieldhouse at the Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, NC. LINK TO DETAILED DRIVING DIRECTIONS

Other Graduation Information

 Graduation Dress Code: 

Please dress nicely. Think about the shoes you wear as you will be walking up and down steps.


 Graduation Caps:

Caps should sit on the top of your head (parallel with the floor), not tilted to the side or back

Do not decorate your cap (ABSS policy); you will not be allowed to wear it/walk

Honor Cords:

The Only Honor Cords that are allowed are distributed by the school.

****Anyone not dressed appropriately may be pulled out of line. If these requirements cause financial hardship, see Mrs. Simpson or email her at

Fines, Fees and Materials Due:

All fines and fees must be paid before graduation.  

All materials must be turned in and accounted for before graduation. 

You will not be allowed to receive your graduation tickets with outstanding fines or financial obligations to the school.

Senior Awards