Header image with blue and grey swoosh borders.  A photograph on the right shows a backpack with school supplies spilling out.  ABSS logo is on the left.  Text in middle reads "ABSS Family University" and "Learn How to Support Your Child in School"

A teacher works with an elementary student with letter tiles on a whiteboard at her desk

What to Expect:

  • Meet the Superintendent

  • Light Dinner Provided

  • Child Care provided for Pre-K through 5th grade

  • Many Session Topics to choose from! Full list below.

Eastern High school students pose in front of a homeless shelter holding blankets they are donating

April 3rd, 5:30-7:00pm

Cummings High School

2200 N Mebane St, Burlington, NC 27217

Two kindergarten students are working at a brown table.  The boy in the foreground in a blue shirt is pointing at a word on the board and looking up at the teacher.  The girl in the background is looking down and making an inquisitive face.

All-County Orchestra high school student looks at sheet music as he plays his violin

A teacher at Elon Elementary reads from a story in a white rocking chair and her students are on the carpet looking up at the book

Students from Alexander Wilson Elementary march in a line carrying balloon floats they made during the Balloons Over AWE event for Thanksgiving

Informational flyer with eight photographs of ABSS students and text Would you like to help your student excel in their educational journey? AMANCE-BURLINGTON SCHOOL SYS ABSS July 1, 1996 BUILDING SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS Attend ABSS Family University Families of Pre-K through 12th grade are invited January 30, 2023 from 5:30pm-7:30pm @ Cummings High School 2200 North Mebane Street Burlington, NC 27217 Child care provided for PreK-5th Play and homework help Registration NOT Required • Meet the Superintendent Light dinner from 5:30pm-6pm • Choose from over 30 sessions Session 1:  6:05pm-6:45pm Session 2: 6:50pm-7:30pm Scan the QR Code for a listing of the sessions. Informational Session Examples -The PowerSchool Parent Portal -Cyber safety for parents -Preparing your Pre-K for school Reading and Math for Elementary Surviving Middle School High School and Beyond AND MANY MORE! For additional information, call 336-438-4100

Session Topics for the Evening:

  • Fun with Words - Helping Build Your Child's Vocabulary in Elementary

  • Improving Developing the Comprehension of Your Elementary Child

  • Nurturing the Needs of the Gifted Student

  • Registering for High School

  • Preparing for the ACT

  • Cyber Safety

  • Preparing for College

  • PowerSchool Parent Portal

  • Understanding Your Child's IEP

  • Digital Resources for Learning at Home

  • Strategies for Developing a Reader

  • Athletics - Eligibility and Preparing Your Child for Collegiate Athletics

  • Multiplication Boot Camp for Parents

  • Gang Awareness for Parents

  • Supporting Your Child with School Avoidance

  • Supporting Your Child through Social Emotional Issues

  • Number Sense through Play

  • Advanced Placement - Preparing Your Child for College

  • Newcomer Family Support for Families New to American Schools

  • Being Prepared for Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Career Technical Classes - Courses for All Students

  • Surviving and Thriving in Middle School

  • Preparing Your Pre-K Student for Elementary School

  • Using Apptegy/Thrillshare

  • Supporting MultiLingual Students at Home for Academic Success

¿Le gustaría ayudar a su  estudiante a sobresalir en su  viaje educativo?  Asista a la Universidad de la Familia de ABSS  Las familias del Pre-Kinder hasta el grado 12 están invitadas  30 de enero del 2023 de 5:30 pm a 7:30 pm  En la Escuela Preparatoria Cummings  2200 North Mebane Street Burlington, NC 27217  Cuidado de niños proporcionado  para Pre-Kinder a 5 grado  Ayuda con la tarea y el juego  Registro no requerido  • Conozca al Superintendente  • Cena ligera de 5:30pm a 6pm  Elige entre más de 30 sesiones  1ra Sesión - 6:05pm-6:45pm  2da Sesión - 6:50pm-7:30pm  ●  Escanee el código QR para  obtener una lista de las  sesiones  Para más información  llame al 336-438-4100  Ejemplos de sesiones informativas  • El portal para padres de PowerSchool  Ciberseguridad para padres  • Preparando a su niño(a) de Pre-Kinder  para la escuela  • Lectura y Matemáticas para Primaria  Sobreviviendo la Escuela secundaria  ●  • Escuela Preparatoria y más allá  ¡Y MUCHOS MÁS!