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Submit a Flyer

To submit your flyer for district approval, review our flyer approval guidelines & follow the steps below. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed.

1. Register your account as a Community Organization on

2. Review Peachjar’s Guide for Community Organizations for information about discount pricing, flyer creation tips, and more. See if you qualify for free flyer distribution. If you qualify for free distribution, reach out to for your application.

3. Go to ‘Post & Notify’ in your account to submit a flyer.

4. Select Friday as your distribution date. We want to combine as many flyers in one community email as possible.

After you hit submit, your flyer will be automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to parents and posted on each school’s web flyerboard for your selected duration of time. For more information on the process or pricing, please email or call 858-997-2117.

Design tips

Peachjar provides design templates you can download and customize. You'll see a "Browse Templates" button in the Submissions tab.

Screenshot of Peachjar highlighting the "Browse Templates" button in the Submissions section

Make your flyer eye catching by using images and bright colors! Digital flyers are typically viewed on phones at thumbnail size. Look for images with contrasting colors or something that stands out and grabs your attention. Stay concise with 3-5 large bullets. Choose images that show people what your program has to offer.

Use Call-to-Action buttons to make it easy for parents to click through to 'sign up' or 'learn more' detailed information about your program by engaging directly on your website.

Consider Spanish-speaking families. A two page flyer, one page in English and one in Spanish works great!

Do not include QR codes. These are digital flyers, so include links to websites or sign up forms as call-to-action buttons.

Peachjar flyer example