Pre-K applications for the 2024-2025 school year are available.

Applications received after May 24th, 2024 will automatically be placed on our ABSS Pre-K waiting list. The Pre-K department is diligently working to meet all eligibility requirements for classroom placements for the 2024-2025 program year. Screenings will take place on an as needed basis as we work to fill all Pre-K vacancies.

Pre-register your current ABSS Pre-K student for Kindergarten!

Early Learning Community

The Early Learning Community serves over 200 children ages 3 through 5 within Alamance County. Our programs include NC Pre-K/Title I classrooms, Exceptional Children's classrooms, and itinerant services for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) in the Alamance-Burlington community.

Guardians for all children ages 3 through 5 in Alamance County can apply for any of the following Pre-Kindergarten school programs. All children must participate in a screening to determine qualification. Application does not guarantee acceptance.

Alamance-Burlington Schools has 13 schools that host the North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten program:
Alexander Wilson Elementary | Audrey Garrett Elementary | Andrews Elementary | Eastlawn Elementary | EM Yoder Elementary | Grove Park Elementary | Haw River Elementary | Hillcrest Elementary | Newlin Elementary | North Graham Elementary | Smith Elementary | South Graham Elementary | Sylvan Elementary

Pre-K students playing with toys

Pre-K student making a craft

Pre-K students playing in a sandbox

North Carolina Pre-K

The NC Pre-K Program is designed to provide high-quality educational experiences to enhance school readiness for eligible four-year-old children. The NC Pre-K Program Requirements are built on the National Education Goals Panel’s premise that to be successful academically in school, children need to be prepared in all five of the developmental domains that are critical to children’s overall well-being and success in reading and math as they enter school:

  • Approaches to play and learning

  • Emotional and social development

  • Health and Physical Development

  • Language development and communication

  • Cognitive development

Learn about the Pre-K experience from Principal Westmoreland from Alexander Wilson!

Early Intervention

Transition to Kindergarten

Community Connections & Resources

Pre-Kindergarten students standing in front of a larger painted sun during a school play