Family Support for ABSS App and Rooms

The ABSS App

Graphic for the ABSS app showing buttons for the Google and Play store and a screenshot of the app

The ABSS app is the go-to place for district and school events, alerts, documents, and staff directories. Families can also access Rooms here to communicate with your child's teacher. This website is designed to provide you with resources to understand how to use it and troubleshoot problems that may arise.

Rooms Communication

Rooms is included as part of the ABSS app and is a secure communication portal for you and your child's teacher. To use this feature, please tap Rooms in the bottom right corner of the app. Then, you will sign in with the email address you provided during the sign up process. If you are not signed up in Rooms, you should request a Guardian Invite from your child's teacher. Please see the instructions below for more about Guardian Invites and the app.


Where can I download the app?

Download for Android Here
Download for iPhone Here

I have an old phone. Will the app work?

The app will run on phones with Android version 8+ or iOS version 13+

I’m not receiving alerts from the school or district (calls or texts).

Only those who are checked “Receives Mail” in the contacts page of PowerSchool are receiving automated calls, texts from ABSS.  

I get an email but no text message from school and district alerts.  Why is that?

Answer:  Please make sure you have a mobile number listed as primary in PowerSchool.  We can’t send to landlines. 

I'm having a lot of difficulty logging into the app. I'm not sure what email address I used. What should I do?

Your child's teacher can provide a Guardian Invite so you can manually connect to their class using a special code.

Can I communicate with my child's teacher using a browser? I would rather use a computer.

Sure! Families can log in to on a web browser.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Use this link to reset your password.

I get an error when trying to send a message. How can I fix this?

Remove the app and reinstall it, then log back in. If you're using, clear your browser's cache, close the browser, then open it and try again.

I have a question that's not answered here. Who should I contact?

Contact the Apptegy (developer) team directly using this email address designed for family support: