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With the majority of schools at capacity, the Alamance-Burlington School Board of Education stood by its December decision Tuesday afternoon to only allow seniors the opportunity to choose to remain at their current high school next year.  Rezoning letters have been sent out over the past few weeks alerting families of their student’s assigned school for the 2023-24 academic year.     

“We cannot make a decision for a small group of citizens that will impact all 22,000 plus students.  Our new high school is a phenomenal opportunity for 1250 students.  We need to stay the course and move forward.  It’s not just numbers or athletics, it’s about equity, staffing, funding, and our larger vision as a District,” said Sandy Ellington-Graves, Board Chair.  

ABSS has received 231 requests for transfer with 16 of those requesting an appeal before the Board. 


ABSS Chief Finance Officer Kim McVey presented funding priorities for next year in anticipation of the District’s budget public hearing later this month.  The list includes a 1%  increase in teacher supplements, money for athletic trainers at all of the District’s high schools, an increase in coaching supplements, and the opening of a new Multi-Language Center.  

An additional $1.3 million in local funding would be needed to cover the 1% increase.  ABSS currently pays an average supplement of $5,367.  The District is looking to increase at an average of $500 per year per teacher.  

The Multi-Language Center would offer individualized support for students who are moving to Alamance County from other countries.  “These students are currently enrolled in our schools and often struggle to learn English.  In order to serve these 200 or so students we’re proposing a center where they could learn the basics and then transition back into one of our schools. It’s really an equity issue to serve those students in an environment where they can learn,” said Dr. Dain Butler, Superintendent.  

The District’s multi language learners have increased from 1,981 students in 2017 to over 2,800 students this year.  Many of those are refugees who have moved to Burlington.  

Additionally the District is looking to increase the coaching supplement and increase its contract for janitorial services with MFM to cover the cost of cleaning Southeast Alamance High School.  

A budget public hearing is scheduled for February 27 at 6:30 p.m. 

Math Curriculum

After using a process that allowed Central Services to get feedback and consensus from principals and teachers, ABSS Chief Academic Officer Revonda Johnson recommended the District adopt a new math curriculum from McGraw Hill called Real Math.  The new curriculum would offer resources that allow teachers to individualize instruction in order to assist all students in helping them to become grade level proficient, college and career ready, and all while continuing to show growth. 

The Board of Education will consider approving the new curriculum at the February 27 meeting.