Board of Education News May 14th, 2024 with photograph of a gavel
Board of Education News, May 3rd, 2024 with a graphic of a gavel
ABSS Evening of Excellence award header compilation featuring photos of staff and students, including arts performances
Women in Sports Celebration collage featuring female athletes, coaches, and directors
Board of Education News April 22nd, 2024
Alamance Science Olympiad Tournament Results with four ABSS group photos
Request for Proposals: Furnishing and Mechanically Blowing Kiddy Mulch
Board of Education News graphic with date April 9th, 2024
Advertisement for Bids: B. Everett Jordan Elementary Roof Replacement
AFB Advertisement for Bids Western Alamance High Track Replacement
Teachers stand with a large check for $100,000 by Impact Alamance with President Tracey Grayzer and VP of Education Programs Tyronna Hooker
Photo of Bill Harrison on a gray background with text Veteran Educator Dr. Bill Harrison to Serve as Interim ABSS Superintendent
AFB Advertisement for Bids AO Elementary On-Site Paving Improvement
Board of Education News with ABSS logo overlay.  Gavel in background
AFB Advertisement For Bids EM Holt Elementary On-Site Queuing Improvement
ABSS Logo with gavel in background logo overlay
Photograph of an apple and cup of pencils in the background with overlayed corporate graphics and text School Transfer Requests Available March 1st
Board of Education News Graphic with ABSS Logo Photo of gavel in background
Williams Students Offer Free Tax Prep graphic with ABSS logo overlay and tax papers in background
ABSS Secures Funding for Staff and Programs white text over a burgundy color background with a blurred photograph of a classroom