ABSS Chief Operations Officers speaking at Alamance County Commissioners Meeting

The Alamance County Commissioners have pledged to allocate funds to thoroughly assess the roofs and HVAC of all schools in the Alamance-Burlington School System.   This commitment comes after ABSS officials presented concerns regarding  HVAC issues, roofs, and humidity problems in many District schools.  

Chairman John Paisley said this concept would give the County an idea of what they’re looking at in terms of cost.  

With only 20 full-time maintenance staff for 41 schools, ABSS also presented a proposal that includes hiring additional personnel for preventative maintenance and service contract management, at an estimated $2 million per year. 

The District will move forward with the County to explore funding options for that plan in the coming months.  As a temporary solution, the District will continue to use portable dehumidifiers while assessing the need for permanent inline dehumidification systems. 

“We’re focused on fixing issues and not hiding issues.  We are committed to working with the County to get things right in these buildings for our students and staff,” Lowell Rogers, ABSS Deputy Superintendent.  

Commissioner Pam Tompson echoed those concerns saying, "We can't keep putting band-aids on our schools. I want our kids safe and in school.”