Teacher and students at EM Yoder Elementary holding Tanger grant check

Tanger Outlets awarded ABSS Schools more than $8000 as part of their KidsGrant program.  Teachers applied to the program by describing their projects and how the funds would be used.  On September 14th, three of these winners were recognized in person by Tanger staff and presented with their checks.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Full list of awards:

School: Hugh M. Cummings High

Requested: $300.00

Project: Hygiene bags

School: Walter Williams High School

Requested: $925.00

Project: Task Boxes

School: R Homer Andrews Elementary

Requested: $1,015.10

Project: Creating an Accessible Learning Environment for Student with Special Needs

School: Western Alamance High School*  

Requested: $500.00

Project: Warrior's Grind Coffee Cart

Selected by Corporate for Voting for additional funding of $500

School: Southern Alamance High School

Requested: $2,047.18

Project: Animal Science Program Improvement

School: Andrews Elementary

Requested: $925.00

Project: Task Boxes for Skill Development

School: E M Yoder Elementary

Requested: $1,200.00

Project: Critical Thinking Games

School: Haw River Elementary

Requested: $750.00

Project: ACC classroom Task Center