Larry Conte addressing students at Newlin Elementary standing beside tree that was planted in his honor.  Students & staff behind him looking on

Tree Planted at Newlin for Beloved Principal This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Newlin Partnership.  From the outset in 2012, the intent of the partnership was to join with students, their families, and staff of Newlin Elementary to make a difference in the lives of children and build a stronger community. 

The group has recently focused on training tutors who provide free, one-on-one student instruction through the Augustine Literacy Project.  The group also provided reading support through the Lucky Listeners program and Celebrate Reading.  Additionally, the Newlin Partnership has worked to alleviate hunger through the Backpack Food Project.  

The Partnership relies on financial support from the community, including First Wesleyan Church which supports the Back Pack weekend nutrition program, Holy Comforter and numerous individuals. 

“We appreciate the efforts of the Newlin Partnership and all they do for our students and families here at Newlin.  Mr. Conte was an amazing principal and we wish him the best in his retirement,” said current Principal Elizabeth Fogleman.   

Conte encouraged students to be kind to each other, to be great leaders, and to find their passion in life.  “I never felt like this was a job working here as your principal.  It was my passion and calling in life.”