Clear Bag Procedure graphic with News Text and ABSS Logo

Alamance-Burlington School System announced today plans to join other school districts across the state in enacting a clear bag procedure at all school athletic events.  Beginning with winter sports, fans will only be allowed to bring clear bags, medical bags, or diaper bags to athletic events.  Those bags will also be subject to inspection.  

“The safety of our students, staff, and fans is a top priority. ABSS is constantly looking at ways to enhance and improve our emergency and safety protocols.  We understand there are personal items people need to have with them.  We feel the clear bag procedure is a balance that allows fans to have what they need versus things they shouldn’t have on our campuses,” said George Robinson, ABSS Athletic Director.  

The procedure will begin with winter sports later this month.  

Permitted bags include:  

Clear plastic or vinyl bags that are no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”

One gallon-sized clear plastic storage bag

Medical Bags (subject to inspection)

Diaper Bags (with an infant/toddler present)

The following bags will NOT be permitted: 




Fanny Packs

Cinch/Drawstring bags


Computer/Camera Bags

Fans carrying bags that do not meet the criteria will be turned away from the venue at or near the gates and will have the opportunity to return prohibited items to their vehicle.  Additionally, cameras will be permitted into a venue if they are not in their own bags.  Credentialed members of the media will be allowed to bring bags into a venue but must consent to search and inspection of all bags.    

“Most people who have attended concerts, visited theme parks, or professional sporting events recently are familiar with these types of protocols.  We understand this is a change for both our fans and the staff working our gates; however, we're confident our school community and those visiting will comply for the safety of everyone,” Robinson added.