Article header showing a large group of elementary students cheering as a faded background,  and in the foreground two more photographs, one of students cheering with pompons and big smiles, and the other of Superintendent Dr. Butler with the Elon University Dean of Education, Women's Basketball Coach, holding a basketball.  The text "ABSS Students Attend Education Day at Elon University" and "News" are also on the banner.

Over 2,000 elementary students came out and made some noise in the Schar Center at Elon University to support Elon Women's Basketball team.  This special Education Day event allowed elementary students to watch a game, get an introduction to the University, and cheer loudly to win a pizza party.  It was the first time that Elon has held an Education Day since Jan. 27, 2011. 

Elon University women's basketball players lined up on court pre-game while elementary students cheer in the crowd behind them.

Each class had a chance to “adopt” a player to cheer loudly for throughout the game.  At half time, teachers played a fast-paced game of musical chairs.. with a twist!  The final round involved dribbling a basketball and making a layup.  Congratulations to Sr. Barragan from Elon Elementary on the win.  

Five teachers are seated in a circle on the basketball court during a game of musical chairs.  One has fallen down after not getting a seat in time.

Superintendent Dr. Dain Butler was also in attendance to receive a signed basketball and take part in an interview around half-time.  

Superintendent Dr. Dain Butler stands with Dean of Education, Women's Basketball coach, and holds a signed basketball

Superintendent Dr. Dain Butler takes part in an interview beside the court at Elon University Schar Center

All in all.. a great day!  Thanks Elon University and the Elon Women's Basketball program for hosting this for our students.

A side angle shot of students cheering with pompons at a women's basketball game at Elon University

A wide angle shot of the Schar Center with seats filled with elementary students during Education Day