Board of Education Statement Senior Pranks with ABSS logo overlay.  Generic graduates photo in background

The Board of Education is aware that more than 80 students from Alamance-Burlington Schools will not be allowed to participate in upcoming graduation ceremonies. These students were identified entering our school buildings as part of senior pranks across the District. Seven of these students were identified and subsequently charged by the Burlington Police Department for damaging eight toilets and six urinals at Walter Williams High School costing the District more than $4,000.

All six high school principals were instructed to notify parents if their student entered/trespassed school buildings and/or vandalized the exterior or interior of buildings. 

- Graduating seniors are suspended from campus for the remainder of the academic year and will not participate in graduation ceremonies. 

- Other students who are not graduating seniors will be suspended for the remainder of this school year and will be recommended for additional consequences under the Code of Conduct.  

- Students suspected of damage to school property will also be reported to law enforcement. 

As the investigations at our high schools continue, we anticipate the number of students who will not participate in graduation to increase. 

We feel it is important to bring clarity to this unfortunate situation and to be transparent with the community. Please know we do believe important milestones should be celebrated yet we do expect our students to do so in a respectful manner. The disruption of learning, monetary costs to our District, extra burden on our facilities team and, at several campuses, the disregard for student safety simply cannot be tolerated. 

The Board of Education fully supports Dr. Butler and his continued commitment for zero tolerance in our schools.