Teachers stand with a large check for $100,000 by Impact Alamance with President Tracey Grayzer and VP of Education Programs Tyronna Hooker

Impact Alamance presented a check for $100,000 to Educators Monday evening at the monthly Alamance-Burlington School System Board of Education meeting as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting STEAM education initiatives in the community.

The following ABSS teachers and schools received grants:

- Jamie Day, E.M. Holt Elementary: $14,170 for Sphero Robots and software

- Christopher Rex, Eastern Alamance High School: $10,030 for forensic science equipment

- Kayla Reagan, Graham High School: $10,100 for media center makerspace equipment

- Daniel Flack, Alexander Wilson Elementary: $16,200 for STEAM class kits and 3D doodler pens

- Stuart Ringwalt, Williams High School: $9,500 for media center makerspace, including a 3D printer and robotics equipment

- Holly Biswurm, Western Alamance High School: $4,000 for media center makerspace and STEAM classroom kits

- Shavon Via, Eastlawn Elementary: $20,000 for a school garden greenhouse equipped with solar panels and hydroponic systems

- Rachel Harder, Grove Park Elementary: $8,000 for makerspace STEAM kits and 3D printers

- Kimberly Singletary, Cummings High School: $8,000 for makerspace with 3D printers and coding robots

Tyronna Hooker, Vice President of Education Programs, Impact Alamance, emphasized the importance of STEAM education for local students: "By providing our students with hands-on learning experiences in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, we are preparing them for the jobs of the future and fostering a love for innovation and problem-solving. These grants will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our students and our community as a whole."

The STEAM grants awarded by Impact Alamance will enable ABSS educators to create engaging learning environments that encourage students to explore, create, and grow in fields critical to the 21st-century workforce.

Teachers stand with a large check for $100,000 by Impact Alamance with President Tracey Grayzer and VP of Education Programs Tyronna HookerBudget
Chief Academic Officer Revonda Johnson presented an update on the 2024-2025 budget.  When examining the budget breakdown, 31% of the district's local budget goes to Operations which includes utilities and custodial services ($15 million). Another 24% goes to Supplements ($11 million), while 9% goes to Charter Schools ($4.3 million).  Johnson pointed out that this number is set to increase next year to nearly $5 million to 35 separate charter schools.  "If a student who resides within our school district enrolls in a charter school, our district is required by law to transfer the local portion of funding to cover educating that student at the Charter school,” she added.  “This money comes out of our budget and reduces what's available to operate our own schools.”   In addition to legislative impacts, some of the Board’s priorities for next year include maintaining the Alamance Virtual School, school health personnel, a classified employee supplement, coaching supplement increase, maintaining assistant principals not funded by the state, and SROs at each school.  The Board plans to approve a funding request by April 22 and submit it to the County Commissioners by May 15. 

Graham High School will soon be getting an upgrade to its electrical system for the school’s welding lab.  The Board approved a $120,200 contract for a 600 amp electrical panel purchase and installation.  This panel will supply power to the twelve welders purchased by Alamance Community College for the welding lab.

A $43,575.00 contract was also approved for the B. Everett Jordan roof project.   The design contract for this project was approved by the Board of Education on September 25, 2023.

Eighteen high school students recognized as Superintendent Award of Excellence winners stand with their principals at the front of the Board of Education meeting roomRecognitions
Eighteen high school seniors were honored Monday as part of the Superintendent’s Award of Excellence.  The students were selected by committees at their respective schools to win the coveted Superintendent's Award of Excellence for 2024.  

The objective of this award is to identify, recognize, and reward with a student who exemplifies the concept of “an involved, scholarly citizen” and one who has achieved excellence in a four-year high school career in the areas of scholarship, citizenship, and involvement.

This year’s honorees include:  

  • Jordan Parquet and George Thompson, ABEC

  • Andrew Partain and Colby Sumner, AVS

  • Gabriel Castillo Calderon and Taylor Grant, Cummings High School

  • Vanessa Rivera Romero and Bridget Galicia, Eastern Alamance High School

  • Ariana Diaz Hernandez and Khadejah Vaughn, Graham High School

  • Jessi Blu and Youssef Mostafa, Southeast Alamance High School

  • Katie Graves and Emerson Smith, Southern Alamance High School

  • Caedmon Gresham and Lela Baker, Western Alamance High School

  • Kenna Talhelm and Thomas dos Santos de Mores, Williams High School

These exceptional students will be further honored at the Evening of Excellence celebration on April 30th at Southeast Alamance High School, where the District Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year will also be announced.

Jacari Bunting from Eastern Alamance High School stands with family and staff while holding a certificate and trophy at a Board of Education meeting
This month’s ABSS Star Student and Staff Member of the Month was also named.  Jacari Bunting from Eastern Alamance High School was awarded the Star Student of the Month.  Kelsey Conrado, a first year teacher at Southeast Alamance High School, was named the ABSS Star Staff Member of the Month.  

Teacher Kelsey Conrado stands with husband and Principal Eric Vaughn while holding a certificate and trophy at a Board of Education meetingBunting received an unprecedented four nominations from teachers, recognizing his incredible attitude, kindness, and strong work ethic. Kelsey Conrado, a first-year Animal Science teacher, was praised for her rigorous and engaging lessons, strong relationships with students and colleagues, and dedication to supporting the FFA program.