Photograph of the district science fair elementary, middle, and high school winners .  Above is black text "DISTRICT SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS ANNOUNCED" and on the right on a blue bar, grey text "NEWS" with black ABSS logo.

On Wednesday, December 7th, ABSS held its annual Science Fair at the Vailtree Convention Center in Haw River.  Student projects from Elementary, Middle, and High Schools were on display for judging.  The projects were selected at the school level for their incorporation of unique ideas, the scientific method, research, and presentation. 

Following a time for visitors to view all the projects and ask the students questions, there was a ceremony recognizing participants and winners.  Each student came on stage to say their name, school, and project title.  For each division (Elementary, Junior, and Senior) winners were then announced.  Students came forward to receive a medal and message of recognition from Superintendent Dr. Dain Butler, Board Vice Chair Ryan Bowden and Dr. Charles Parker.

To all participants, thank you for your hard work.  We are proud of your accomplishment.  To families, thank you for supporting and encouraging these students as they completed their project.  And to teachers, thank you for setting them up for success.  Congratulations to the following:

Elementary Division

Grand Prize - Norah Kiser (Altamahaw-Ossipee)*

First Place - Jake Hornaday (E.M. Holt)*

Second Place - Dorian Alston (B. Everett Jordan)*

Third Place - Leilani Gray (E.M. Holt)*

Third Place - Zoe Raines (Garrett)*

Honorable Mention - W. Landon McDonald (Sylvan)

Honorable Mention - Rebecca Lineberry (Garrett)

Honorable Mention - Jay Day (E.M. Holt)

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Junior Division

Grand Prize - Wynn Hutchings (Western Middle)*

First Place - Gavin Folmar, Jackson Litwa, Landon Krist (Turrentine)

Second Place - Mason Westcott (Western Middle)

Third Place - Vivian Grover (Western Middle)

Honorable Mention - Karson Cotton (Western Middle)

Honorable Mention - Joshua Herring (Western Middle)

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Senior Division

There are multiple categories at this level: 

Biological Sciences A

Grand Prize - Vanessa Rivero Romero, Daisy Castillo Isidro, Harmony McLaughlin (Eastern Alamance)*

First Place - Julia Carer (Eastern Alamance)

Honorable Mention - Mason Malone (Eastern Alamance)

Biological Sciences B

Grand Prize - Maggie Skinner (Eastern Alamance)*

First Place - Lucy Taylor (Eastern Alamance)

Earth/Environmental Science

Grand Prize - Bridget Galicia (Eastern Alamance)*


Grand Prize - Quincie Loy, Yamy Williams (Eastern Alamance)*

First Place - Jackeline Salas Rodriguez, Jenny Capilla De Jesus (Cummings)

Honorable Mention - Abby Brinker, McKay Fleming (Eastern Alamance)


Grand Prize - Corbin Mace (Eastern Alamance)*

Honorable Mention - Elijah Mayle, Kevin Maynard (Eastern Alamance)


Grand Prize - Britney Michelle Murillo, Cristina Scott (Eastern Alamance)*

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For a full list of participants and winners, please download this PDF document.