About Our School

E.M. Yoder Elementary is a global school located in the heart of downtown Mebane, North Carolina.  We are part of a strong and supportive community. Our active PTA and parents help our school and students experience success. Our teachers and staff are committed and dedicated to learning that is focused on helping every kid, every day.

School Vision:
E. M. Yoder aspires to meet the needs of all students by focusing on every kid, every day.

School Mission:
Every kid, every day!

What We Do As A Global School?
As a global school we are focused on helping to connect our students with the world through engaging our students in global inquiry related projects around of Matrix of PRIDE (Prepared, Respectful, Integrity, Determined, Engaged).


  • Matrix Focus: Prepared-Being prepared is being self-aware and understanding how my actions affect myself and others.

  • Region Focus: South America


  • Matrix Focus: Respectful-Being respectful is using empathy and valuing differences to  understand that everyone’s differences are our greatest strength.  It is being thoughtful and considerate of another person’s feelings and opinions.

  • Region Focus: Europe


  • Matrix Focus: Integrity-Integrity is to be honest in everything we do. It is always doing what is right, even if no one is watching. Integrity is being self-aware and understanding how my actions affect myself and others.

  • Region Focus: Asia


  • Matrix Focus: Determined-Being determined means to keep doing something no matter how many obstacles come in our way or how difficult it is.  We should use flexibility to adapt and learn from our mistakes.

  • Region Focus: Africa


  • Matrix Focus: Being engaged is about being mentally strong and requires critical thinking that helps us solve challenging problems we are faced with in everyday life, and teaches us to never give up. This exemplifies that you are part of a larger world through a global connection and are responsible for it.

  • Region Focus: North America