Welcome to the EM Yoder Transportation Page

Morning Arrival Information

Doors open at 7:30 am.  Students are considered tardy after 7:50 am.  

Students eating breakfast should arrive in time to finish their breakfast prior to 7:50 am.

Please unload in supervised areas only in car rider lines.

Parking is available across the street for PreK to park and walk students to class.

Only PreK parents should park and walk students to their classrooms. We have supervised activities for all other children in designated areas upon arrival. 

Bus Riders

The following bus policies are in place effective this school year:

  • All bus riders must be at the designated stop assigned to them by the Transportation Department. The school is unable to create stops. If there is an issue/concern with the stop assigned to your child, we must go through the Transportation Department to make changes. 

  • The ABSS School System has a no idle policy. This means that the bus cannot sit and wait for students.  Students must be at their assigned stop prior to their pick up time waiting outside ready to board the bus.

  • Please be mindful that during the first couple of weeks of school, as we begin to add and take students off of routes, route times may change slightly. Please communicate with your child’s driver regarding times.

  • A student can only ride the bus that he/she is assigned to on the bus route. The TD 29 (bus route) is a legal document and students can no longer ride buses other than what they have been assigned. Each student is assigned 1 stop based upon their home address. If there is a concern regarding this, please contact the school.

  • Students are not permitted to ride home with their friends on a different bus. This is due to bus capacity issues.  Again, if there is an emergency, please be sure to communicate with the school so that we are able to work with you. 

          Example: Susie rides bus 28 to and from school each day, but on Friday, Susie’s mom wants her to go to her grandmother’s house, which would mean taking a bus other than bus 28 - this is not allowed. Parents will need to find his/her own transportation to get the child to that designation.

  • A student may go from being a bus rider to a car rider, as long as there is a WRITTEN NOTE by parent or guardian given to the teacher at the beginning of the school day.

  • We ask that parents be consistent with their child riding the bus as it makes it difficult for drivers to remember when a child will and will not ride.

  • Parents are encouraged to support the school bus rules and regulations in order for their children to remain safe while being transported to and from school. New boarding and unloading procedures are in place when students need to cross traffic as seen in a video linked below. This video was seen and discussed with all students at school. Please watch, familiarize yourself, and review this again with your child:

We thank you for your continued support.  Our bus drivers have a very difficult job. When we all work together we are able to build a positive relationship that will support our students’ growth and development and maintain safety at all times.

Afternoon Dismissal

All Students will be dropped off and picked-up in the back of the school in the circle drive. 

When in the car rider line, please remain in your vehicle at all times to allow for continuous loading of students.