✨38 Days, 38 Schools: The Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) offers high school students in the ABSS a unique opportunity to take courses in different building than their home school as they prepare for their future college and career paths. Students come over from their home schools during the day for specialized, hands-on classes in fields including automotive technology, computer engineering and programming, construction and carpentry, culinary arts, digital design and animation, digital media, engineering, and health sciences. Students register for CTEC classes the same way they register for other classes! CTEC provides a distinctive learning environment with specialized facilities tailored to each program. Students have access to a makerspace, where they can bring their ideas to life using various tools and resources. The center also features plenty of tables and workspaces for hands-on projects and collaborative learning. These programs offer smaller class sizes, personalized learning environments, and practical training using industry-standard equipment. Students gain real-world experiences tailored to their interests and aspirations, giving them a competitive edge for success in college, technical schools, or direct entry into the workforce. CTEC's career-focused courses seamlessly integrate into students' regular high school schedules, allowing them to explore potential professions while earning credits toward graduation.
18 days ago, James Shuler
Collage of staff and students from CTEC featuring four photos showcasing different classes and the CTEC logo in the center
πŸŽ“ Congratulations to Ms. Lynn Bare on her well-deserved retirement after 30 years of dedicated service to ABSS, particularly with Southern Alamance High School - SAHS Patriots! A few highlights from her remarkable career: ✨ Southern Alamance High alumna ('80-'84) ✨ Returned to teach at Southern in 1994 after earning her English degree from UNC ✨ Served as advisor for the award-winning yearbook "Southerner" for 29 years ✨ Longtime department chair, National Honor Society advisor, and mentor ✨ Both her children are Southern graduates, with her oldest also teaching there Ms. Bare has left an indelible mark on generations of Southern Patriots through her passion for teaching. As she embarks on this new chapter, we wish her all the best in her retirement plans - becoming a grandma, traveling (especially to Salem for The Crucible), and plenty of pool time! Thank you, Ms. Bare, for your unwavering commitment to Southern. You will be dearly missed!
20 days ago, James Shuler
Teacher Lynn Bare from Southern Alamance High with a gray t-shirt with red Patriots text and blue "sa all day" text and behind her is a painted blue and red mural with large white PATRIOTS text
Teacher Lynn Bare with three of her high school students in front of a painted PATRIOTS black, white, red, and blue mural
Lynn Bare with her son at Southern Alamance High School
Teacher Lynn Bare with a class of high school students at Southern Alamance High School
✨38 Days, 38 Schools: At Graham Middle School, the dedicated team of talented educators and staff goes above and beyond to ensure every student reaches their full potential, embodying the school's slogan "Falcons RISE." Graham's commitment to providing a well-rounded education for all students remains steadfast. The school takes immense pride in its vibrant and inclusive community, fostering a welcoming environment where students, staff, and families feel valued and supported. What truly sets Graham apart is its exceptional staff and diverse offerings. The passionate teachers' unwavering efforts, expertise, and genuine care for the students drive the school's achievements. Graham's rich arts and athletics programs offer ample opportunities for students to explore their passions and talents, from award-winning theatre productions to competitive sports teams. The school encourages its Falcons to soar and embrace their unique gifts within this nurturing and supportive atmosphere.
20 days ago, James Shuler
Graham Middle School collage featuring photos of staff, students, in classroom and outdoor settings
⭐ Congratulations to Karla and Jennifer for being recognized as the April 2024 STAR Student & Staff. They were recognized with the May winners during last night's Board meeting. πŸ‘ 🌠 Karla overcame the challenge of being a non-English speaker by demonstrating extraordinary growth in language, reading, and math skills through exceptional self-motivation. Beyond academics, she enriches the school community through thoughtful gestures promoting inclusion and enthusiastically supporting her peers. Karla's remarkable achievements and positive influence at her young age bring immense pride to the school. 🌠 Jennifer embodies educational excellence at ABEC through her innovative and engaging Honors English instruction that inspires creativity. Her profound impact extends beyond academics as a compassionate mentor guiding students through college applications and spearheading community initiatives. Fostering meaningful relationships, Ms. Fisher motivates achievement while empowering self-expression. Her passion for nurturing student growth as scholars and citizens earns profound appreciation from the entire school community. πŸ™Œ Join us in celebrating our STAR Student & Staff of the Month! #StudentCenreredFutureFocused
19 days ago, James Shuler
April STAR Staff and Student of the month featuring Karla Islas from AO Elementary and staff Jennifer Fisher from Early College showing portraits and names below
⭐ Congratulations to Everett and Tania for being recognized as the May 2024 STAR Student & Staff at tonight's Board Meeting. πŸ‘ 🌠 Everett has shown significant growth in his learning and has emerged as a role model for his class. He tackles challenges, knows when to seek help, and consistently treats both peers and teachers with kindness and respect. He is diligent and exemplifies a strong work ethic. 🌠 Ms. Rivera embodies kindness and dedication through her exceptional efforts supporting newcomer students. Volunteering twice weekly for after-school tutoring, Ms. Rivera fosters meaningful relationships and partners with colleagues to organize impactful community-building events like the monthly "Newcomer Socials." Her compassionate support and warm demeanor create an ideal environment for academic growth and English language development among newly arrived students. Ms. Rivera's selfless devotion to empowering this population through academics and community makes her truly deserving of recognition.
20 days ago, James Shuler
May STAR Student and Staff of the Month feature graphic showing Everett Heineman and Tania Rivera
✨38 Days, 38 Schools: At B. Everett Jordan Elementary, education goes far beyond just reading, writing, and math. The school is committed to nurturing the whole child, and meeting every student's academic, social, and emotional needs. BEJ believes all students benefit from activities that build skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Through integrated lessons combining core subjects with the arts, engineering, and technology, BEJ aims to prepare students to fully thrive in the 21st century as productive citizens. There are also a variety of special community events throughout the year, including the Fall Festival, Curriculum Nights where families can learn about the school's academic programs, an Arts Fest celebration, and musical concerts showcasing our talented Tiger Cubs!
20 days ago, James Shuler
Collage showing staff and students at B. Everett Jordan Elementary in various classroom settings with Tiger Cub mascot and logo in the center
North Graham Elementary is fortunate to have a leader like Rickeya Jones, who has just obtained her Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration from UNC Greensboro. Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. Congratulations, Dr. Jones! πŸŽ“
20 days ago, James Shuler
A group of elementary students points to Principal Rickeya Jones, who is wearing black graduation attire
Principal Rickeya Jones in black, gold, and blue graduation attire from North Graham Elementary holds a jeweled "Dr. K Jones" hair clip
Principal Rickeya Jones stands beside a large North Graham Elementary school sign with red letters spelling out CONGRATULATIONS DR JONES
A class of elementary students, six of them kneeling in the front and the rest behind, gather around Principal Rickeya Jones who is wearing black, gold, and blue graduation attire
✨38 Days, 38 Schools: You know what they say - the Eagles of Woodlawn Middle don't just succeed - they excel. This vibrant community nurtures excellence across academics, athletics, and arts. The incredible staff ensures students thrive in the classroom, prepping them for lifelong success, while athletic programs instill teamwork and a competitive spirit. Just this year, the exceptional music department earned a Superior rating and the chorus topped scores. Additionally, nine visual artists showcased their talents at the prestigious Alamance Arts Center. The bottom line? Woodlawn cultivates well-rounded individuals destined for greatness. With a nurturing environment that unleashes potential in every arena, these Eagles are prepared to leave their mark. The academic achievers, talented artists, and winning athletes all soar thanks to an unmatched experience that allows students to spread their wings. The sky is truly the limit at Woodlawn Middle!
25 days ago, James Shuler
Woodlawn Middle School collage with staff and students
38 Days, 38 Schools: Elon Elementary truly stands out as a Global School. Upon entering the campus, one is immediately immersed in a rich tapestry of cultures. With a faculty comprised of educators from around the world, the school's 700 students benefit from a diverse array of perspectives. This global mindset is seamlessly integrated into the academics. Their Dual-Language Spanish Immersion program provides students with an exceptional opportunity to become bilingual from an early age. Moreover, the school hosts numerous cultural events and welcomes guest speakers throughout the year, effectively bridging classroom lessons with real-world experiences. Elon's approach to academics extends beyond the classroom. One example is the community garden, meticulously maintained by the dedicated Garden Club, serves as a living classroom, allowing students to cultivate a profound appreciation for nature and sustainable living through hands-on learning. The diverse staff works hard to meet children where they are, providing a balanced education with opportunities to grow and connect with the world. These Lil' Phoenix are soaring!
26 days ago, James Shuler
Elon Elementary collage of staff and students with four featured photos and the Lil Phoenix mascot in the center
We are so thrilled to recognize Elon Elementary teacher Jamie Haripershad as the 2024 Participate Learning Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Haripershad was surprised during a class celebration today for her students who recently published a book about her home country of South Africa (look for that story soon!) πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ She is an incredibly kind, hard-working teacher who brings so much enthusiasm to celebrating her students' achievements. Did we say she was surprised? It was a BIG reveal and many tears were shed. Jamie was selected from thousands of talented teachers for this prestigious honor. Her dedication to creating an engaging, supportive classroom environment is inspirational. Join us in congratulating her on this well-deserved recognition!
25 days ago, James Shuler
Teacher Jamie Haripershad has a shocked expression while principal Dr. Davern holds her with a large grin
Participate Learning staff members surprising Jamie Haripershad with a Teacher of the Year award in a classroom with gold backdrop
Teacher Jamie Haripershad holding Participate Learning Teacher of the Year certificate and flowers
Jamie Haripershad and her first grade class with staff from Participate Learning and Principal Davern
Jamie Haripershad holding a Participate Learning TOY certificate and standing with her coworkers
Jamie Haripershad holding a Participate Learning TOY certificate and striking a silly pose with staff from Participate Learning
Jamie Haripershad with her husband holding flowers
Lauren Gallathen, a senior at Western Alamance High School, was awarded the prestigious Bronze NJROTC medal from the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Gallathen has demonstrated outstanding academic excellence, dependability, good character, adherence to military discipline, and leadership as the Operations Officer overseeing many unit events this past year. After graduating, Gallathen plans to pursue a nursing degree with the goal of eventually joining the Air Force, following the military path of her two brothers currently serving. Her achievements at such a young age make her very deserving of this honored NJROTC recognition. Congratulations, Lauren!
26 days ago, James Shuler
Senior and NJROTC Operations Officer  Lauren Gallathen standing with a representative from the  National Society Daughters of the American Revolution holding a bronze medal and certificate
✨38 Days, 38 Schools: Grove Park Elementary fosters a nurturing environment that promotes academic growth and cultivates empathy and compassion. This wonderful place of learning encourages students and staff to take pride in themselves, their school, and their community. At GPE, the focus is on empowering children to reach their full potential while developing essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom. Also, why is Principal Horton taped to the wall? Read on.. These Bulldogs are a close-knit community! The staff instills a sense of determination and perseverance in every student. The skilled educators guide children to grow academically through engaging lessons and individualized support. If they meet their academic goals, they can contribute a piece of tape to Principal Horton's hilarious reward! However, Grove Park recognizes that education encompasses more than just academics. By hosting community nights like Science Night, the school creates an interactive environment that nurtures curiosity and learning. Students are also taught to embrace diversity and show compassion towards others, preparing them to be responsible citizens in an ever-changing world.
27 days ago, James Shuler
Grove Park Elementary collage withs staff and students
Congratulations to the #ABSSClassof2024 from Early College @ ACC! πŸŽ“ Your determination, hard work, and unwavering spirit have brought you to this monumental achievement. You have a brilliant future ahead – embrace it wholeheartedly! We're proud of these Cobras! 🐍❀️
26 days ago, James Shuler
Large group photo of the Class of 2024 from Early College at ACC standing in cap and gown with principal on three-tier bleachers
Four students in blue cap and gown , the three on the left have white medals around their neck
Three students in blue cap and gown, two girls on the right are giving a peace sign
Three students in blue cap and gown, two on the right have a white medal around their neck
✨38 Days, 38 Schools: Western Alamance Middle School exemplifies the district's commitment to academic excellence through its innovative educational approaches and impressive student achievements. Initiatives like the "Drop Everything and Share Data Day," where all students meet with their teachers to see the data behind their growth, further demonstrate the district's student-centered philosophy, empowering learners to actively engage with their academic progress. Let's not forget about Braves Day! This is one everyone gets excited for and goes home talking about. Everyone participates on this fun day of sports, games, and competitions. Staff and students dress up in Braves gear, Principal Hall pops popcorn, and spirits soar! Beyond academics, Western Alamance Middle School has an impressive athletic pedigree, with championship wins in Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Boys Track, Baseball, Girls Basketball co-championship, and Girls Soccer over the past few years. These achievements showcase the well-rounded excellence instilled in Western's students. The amazing staff at Western, including De'Ana Tyson as Beginning Teacher of the Year and Debra Sparks as Assistant Principal of the Year, are dedicated to nurturing student growth and fostering a culture of excellence. Also, we have to mention the strong community support! The involvement of families and residents helps motivate students and contributes to the school's traditions.
27 days ago, James Shuler
Western Alamance Middle School collage of staff and students
It's graduation season and today we'd like to shout out Rachael Harder, fourth-grade teacher at Grove Park Elementary, who has just earned her Master of Arts in School Administration from Gardner-Webb University! πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰ Congratulations, Ms. Harder, on this incredible achievement! Earning a master's degree while teaching full-time is an amazing feat. We know you will take these advanced skills and apply them to become an even more effective educator and leader. As you can see, her students are beaming with pride! πŸ€—
27 days ago, James Shuler
Teacher Racheal Harder standing outside in black cap and gown
Teacher Racheal Harder with her fourth grade students on the mulch outside at Grove Park Elementary
Teacher Racheal Harder standing in cap and gown surrounded by her fourth grade students who are pointing at her
Congratulations to E.M. Yoder Elementary for receiving their Accomplished designation from Participate Learning for outstanding work with the #GlobalLeaders framework! Their Dual Language program and schoolwide global focus encourage students to learn from each other's cultures, languages, and viewpoints, creating an environment where every individual can get involved, succeed, and truly thrive.
29 days ago, James Shuler
Four staff at EM Yoder Elementary standing in front of the school holding a blue and white large banner saying they are now an Accomplished status Participate Learning Global school
🎳 Last Thursday, the Annual Deaf/Hard of Hearing Family Night took place at Buffaloe Lanes in Mebane, sponsored by the wonderful Jack O'Kelley Sertoma Club. Students and families had a blast bowling, enjoying pizza and cake! A huge thank you to the Jack O'Kelley Sertoma Club for their generous support! πŸ™Œ
29 days ago, James Shuler
ABSS families, staff, and the Jack O'Kelly Sertoma club members in front of bowling alleys at Buffaloe Lanes in Mebane
Five ABSS students who identify as deaf or hard of hearing in front of bowling alleys
✨38 Days, 38 Schools - Marvin B. Smith Elementary 🐝 At Smith Elementary, home of the spirited Seabees, the focus is on fostering a positive school culture and nurturing strong relationships between students and staff. As a Capturing Kids Hearts Showcase school, they implement effective strategies and resources to build a nurturing and supportive environment. This emphasis on fostering meaningful connections allows educators to challenge and inspire students to reach new levels of achievement. By creating an atmosphere of trust and encouragement, the school empowers its learners to overcome obstacles and unlock their full academic and personal potential. The unwavering belief in the capabilities of every child drives the staff's commitment to providing the guidance and support necessary for success!
about 1 month ago, James Shuler
Smith Elementary collage with a staff group photo and student photos at the bottom, with Smith Seabees logo in the center
ABSS Career and Technical Education partnered with Be Pro Be Proud NC to bring their demo truck to some of our middle schools, introducing 8th graders to skilled trades careers through hands-on experiences. Students tried welding, utility line work, forestry, and driving 18-wheelers & dump trucks in a realistic virtual setting! Check out beprobeproudnc.org for information about these careers, educational programs, scholarships, and more!
about 1 month ago, James Shuler
Two middle school 8th graders, one in a red shirt, look towards a large screen that is part of a forklift driving simulator
A girl with brown hair is wearing a white virtual reality headset and holding a joystick controller in one hand
A middle school 8th grader sits in a sixteen-wheeler simulator looking towards a large screen and holding a steering wheel.  Three others observe close by.
A student in a pink hoodie is wearing virtual reality goggles and is holding a joystick up high.  Another student supports her hand up.
A student in a green and red sport shirt operates a sixteen-wheel truck simulator while another student observes behind him.
A student wears a virtual reality headset shaped like a welding mask and holds a controller in the shape of welding equipment
Two middle school 8th graders look towards a large screen that is part of a forklift driving simulator
A large sixteen-wheel truck sits in a school parking lot.  The trailer has been converted into a mobile classroom with career and technical simulator equipment.
What a spectacular evening at the Williams High School Art Show last night! 🎨✨ The school gym was transformed into a breathtaking gallery, showcasing the immense talent and creativity of our student artists. From striking visual art pieces and intricate pottery to captivating photographs and thought-provoking videography, the exhibition was a true feast for the senses. Adding to the experience, a few student artists were creating masterpieces live before our very eyes! πŸ–ΌοΈ A huge shout-out to the Williams art teachers, Elizabeth Wooten and Emily Brinskelle, photographer teacher John Upchurch, and videography teacher Julie Moore, whose guidance and inspiration have nurtured such remarkable artistic abilities in our students. The talent on display was simply staggering!
about 1 month ago, James Shuler
Four high school students and an elementary student holding folded colorful paper airplanes with various inspirational messages
Two Williams High School students, one engaged in making pottery, look towards the camera in a school gym
Close up of a hand-crafted glazed pottery mug with a blue monster motif featuring a tentacle handle and a large green eye in the center
A Williams High school art student wearing headphones around her neck pauses for a photo while painting a stylistic portrait in the style of 50s pop art
Two visitors at the Williams Art Show put their heads in cut out holes of Marilyn Monroe
Visitors walk by student portraits on display as part of a photography exhibition
An arrangement of pottery created by Williams High students is on a long table with a black table cloth, with an upright hand intertwined with green vines is featured
A Williams High student smiles in front of his elephant painting in the style of Escher