What do you remember learning in kindergarten? 🤔 Students at Pleasant Grove Elementary are learning about synonyms and antonyms today! #StudentCenteredFutureFocused
26 days ago, James Shuler
kindergarten teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary, reading to a group of kindergarten students on the carpet
Today at Sylvan Elementary, 5th grade students were recognized for their participation in the DARE program! 🎓 Thanks Sgt. Chad Laws for your leadership, Deputy Superintendent Lowell Rogers for speaking, and Board members Sandy Ellington-Graves and Ryan Bowden for coming out.
27 days ago, James Shuler
Sergeant Chad law standing with board member Sandy Ellington Graves deputy superintendent lower Rogers and board member Ryan Bowden with a dare poster in the gym at Sylvan elementary
their officer sergeant Chad laws recognizes a student for the participation in the dare program as other 5th graders sit in chairs in the gymnasium at Sylvan elementary. standing to the side are others in attendance from the school board and school administration
ABSS deputy superintendent, lower Rogers speaks to students at a dare graduation at Sylvan elementary
why didn't go photograph of the dare graduation and then gymnasium at Sylvan elementary?
Our camera captured students engaged in high-quality lessons today at South Graham Elementary. Looks like 2023 is off to a great start! 🌠 #StudentCenteredFutureFocused
28 days ago, James Shuler
Elementary student with brown hair and clear glasses and wearing black jacket looks up and smiles at the camera in a school hallway
Student in a blue hoodie, looking at the chrome book of another student in a red hoodie, sitting at their desks
Elementary student with striped white, orange and red, long sleeve, shirt, and brown here looks up and smiles at the camera as he sits at his desk and works
Elementary teacher, wearing a black sweater and gray pants sits in a chair and is holding a notebook while two students look on standing on the carpet
ABSS Alert: We wanted to make you aware that several of our school buses were pulled over today by Alamance Sheriff’s Deputies after receiving multiple 911 calls from a student on the bus. The calls were determined to be a hoax. The ACSO continues to investigate.
28 days ago, Les Atkins
We ❤️️ our #ABSSCommunity! Did you know @ABSSPublic is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? 👀 With so many awesome things happening in our schools, we'll have a lot of news to share! Stay tuned for more posts, stories, and videos! 📱#StudentCenteredFutureFocused
28 days ago, James Shuler
Infographic with grey background and faded photograph of four elementary students with text "Follow Us For News, Highlights, & More!  @ABSSPublic, #StudentCenteredFutureFocused #ABSSCommunity" and logos for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
Save the date! Choose from a variety of sessions to help your child excel in their educational journey. Meet the Superintendent. A light dinner will be provided and childcare is available. More information here: https://www.abss.k12.nc.us/page/abss-family-university
29 days ago, James Shuler
Square infographic with red and grey swirl borders with text "Learn How to Better Support Your Child in School" and "ABSS Family University" with blue and white graduate logo and red text "January 30th, 5:30PM to 7:30PM, Cummings High School" with ABSS logo at the bottom right corner
Let's finish the school year strong. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces tomorrow! #StudentCenteredFutureFocused
30 days ago, Les Atkins
student smiling at camera while sitting at school desk
student smiling at camera while sitting at school desk
student smiling at camera while sitting at school desk
We hope you had a great Winter Break. School staff have been working hard to prepare the buildings and classrooms for students. Set those alarms! ⏰ We'll see you tomorrow, Tuesday, January 3rd! #ABSSCommunity 🌅
30 days ago, James Shuler
Photograph of a janitor dry mopping a hallway at E.M. Yoder elementary
ABSS is hiring a Chief Operations Officer. Learn more and apply here: https://abss.ted.peopleadmin.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=1361
30 days ago, James Shuler
Infographic advertising the Chief Operations Officer position with text NEW JOB ALERT!  CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER at the top with a blue background.  In the middle is information about the position with text OVERSEES and bullet points Facilities, Maintenance, Transportation, and Technology on a light blue background.  Below that is smaller text Construction/Project Management Experience Preferred.   At the bottom is a white button with black text Apply Today!  On the right is a circular photograph of construction blueprints, a hardhat, leveler, and tools.
The Alamance Youth Leadership Academy @ Alamance Virtual School organized a coat collection drive in December and collected close to two dozen coats! Learn more about the campaign and how you can help: https://acleanerworld.com/about-cleaner-world/giving-back
about 1 month ago, James Shuler
Two high school students from Alamance Virtual School holding coat donations in front of A Cleaner World in Burlington
Patrick Vernon, teacher at Alamance Virtual School, two students, and another teacher, stand inside a building holding donated jackets.  On a couch behind them are more donated jackets in a large bag.
Check us out! Cummings High School Marching Cavaliers performing along with other high school bands at the 2022 Allstate Sugar Bowl. #ABSSProud https://youtu.be/qI15C0AbJpo
about 1 month ago, ABSS Public Information Office
We’re here at the Superdome and ready for our time to shine! ESPN at noon. Allstate Sugar Bowl #ABSSProud
about 1 month ago, ABSS Public Information Office
Cummings band outside superdome in New Orleans
band students posing outside superdome
Cummings Band lined up outside Superdome
Cummings Band inside superdome preparing to perform
ABSS Job Alert: Chief Operations Officer position open. Learn more here: https://abss.ted.peopleadmin.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=1361
about 1 month ago, Les Atkins
ABSS Graphic regarding New Job Alert:  Chief Operations Officer.  Photo of hard hat and construction plans.  Text of position highlights overseeing Facilities, Maintenance, Transportation, and Technology.  Apply Today text.
Our students have the biggest ❤️! Williams High School’s Operation Do Something Club donated 52 stuffed animals to the Emergency Department at Alamance Regional. The stuffed animals will be given to comfort young patients who visit the hospital. #ABSSCommunity
about 1 month ago, ABSS Public Information Office
students and staff holding stuffed animals in front of the hospital
We're all grins here as we turn the bend to Winter Break. ❄️ We want to remind everyone that our break for students is December 19th to January 2nd. Have fun, be safe, and we'll see you 2023. 🤗
about 2 months ago, James Shuler
Five students at Andrews Elementary smile and hold large craft gingerbread characters they made
Five students from Eastlawn Elementary smile and hug one another in the hallway
Senior male students at Eastern High School competed in a Big Man On Campus pageant in areas of talent, interview skills, formalwear, and fundraising. All proceeds from the show went to St. Judes. Our young men raised over $1,000! Thank you, Ms. Jackowski, for all your hard work in organizing this fun event! Special shout-out to the following students: Owen Sawyer: Big Man on Campus (overall winner) Cole McGinnis: Most Talented EA Sweetheart: Dalton Pulley (biggest fundraiser)
about 2 months ago, James Shuler
Two Eastern High School students standing in formal wear with members of their family on stage
Three students in holiday garb on stage acting out a festive scene with a microphone
A high school student wears a giant dress made of trash bags and is saying something into the microphone.
A combination of students in athletic gear, cheerleaders, and other students wearing green and yellow, dancing on stage.
Dr. Butler and the Board of Education wishes everyone in our ABSS community a wonderful Holiday season!
about 2 months ago, James Shuler
The Alamance-Burlington Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Butler stand in the ABSS Central Office auditorium with festive holiday hats, standing side by side, smiling at the camera
Board of Education members Chuck Marsh, Patsy Simpson, and Dr. Charles Parker standing in the Central Office auditorium.  Chuck Marsh is wearing a festive Santa headband.
Students at North Graham Elementary were treated with a magical performance of Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker ✨ by the talented ballerinas from the Burlington Dance Center! They are performing this weekend at Paramount Theatre in Burlington. #ABSSCommunity
about 2 months ago, James Shuler
Ballerinas from the Burlington Dance Company perform Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker at the Paramount Theater
Kindergarten students in theater seats looking up at the performers on stage at Paramount Theater in Burlington.
Kindergarten students in theater seats looking up at the performers on stage at Paramount Theater in Burlington.
A student imitates the motions of the ballerinas on stage from the balcony
Did you know our CTEC Culinary Arts students cater for events? Check out this spread for today’s Student Services conference. 🍽️#StudentCenteredFutureFocused
about 2 months ago, ABSS Public Information Office
student standing behind table of food as part of the catering program at CTEC
Today's ABSS Difference Maker features a group of Southern Alamance High School students who have started a program called "Buddies & Studies". Their simple idea is making a big impact on our elementary school children. #ABSSDifferenceMakers https://youtu.be/yVuXevBPyQA
about 2 months ago, Les Atkins