Cover image graphic, showing two presenters standing in front of a classroom, one presenter speaking to families in front of a smart board and the school board standing in front of families in the cafeteria at the family university event
Judge Brown, ACC President, ABSS Board, and other law enforcement partners pose for photo after signing MOU to help ABSS at risk youth.
ABSS logo with gavel in background.  Text Board of Education News
Photo of Nick Anders being honored by Daughters of the American Revolution.  Graphic with ABSS Logo and text NEWS
Group photo of band with Burlington City Council. Students holding proclamation
Banner with faded background of a contract negotiation photograph.  Black text says RFP Request for Proposal:  School Mowing Contract.  On right side is a blue banner with the text NEWS and ABSS logo.
Photo of new Broadview Assistant Principal Joanna Gwynn with graphic announcing her.  ABSS logo with text NEWS
Group photo of five pottery students from Eastern Alamance High School ; Ainsley Dial, Kaitlyn Mason, Izzie Walters, and Valerie Bryd, holding award-winning pottery they made.  Beside them is instructor Laura Daughtry.
Four kindergarten students from Elon University giving a thumbs up in their classroom
joint meeting of Commissioners, ABSS Board, and local state reps in professional library at Central Services.  Leaders seated at tables discussing funding
group photo of ABSS Board members & superintendent with leaders from ACC holding trophy.
Rear of students carrying backpacks walking into school building.  No faces showing.
Group photo of Cummings High School Band at Sugar Bowl .  Dressed in band uniforms with Band Leader in front Greg Milton
Article header showing a large group of elementary students cheering as a faded background,  and in the foreground two more photographs, one of students cheering with pompons and big smiles, and the other of Superintendent Dr. Butler with the Elon University Dean of Education, Women's Basketball Coach, holding a basketball.  The text "ABSS Students Attend Education Day at Elon University" and "News" are also on the banner.
Cummings Band Group photo in front of fountain at Elon University.  Students holding Cummings Band banner
Stock image of Gavel with Board of Education overlay plus ABSS logo
Eastern Alamance Senior Rocio Rosa Quezada posing in photo with principal Dr. Fliehman.  Text Congratulations above photo with ABSS Logo and news on slide
Photograph of the district science fair elementary, middle, and high school winners .  Above is black text "DISTRICT SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS ANNOUNCED" and on the right on a blue bar, grey text "NEWS" with black ABSS logo.
Southern Alamance Senior Clare Meehan posing with Principal Teresa Faucette
Dr. Charles Parker, Dan Ingle, and Chuck Marsh being sworn in at ABSS Board of Education meeting